St Vigor's & St John's

Giving to our Churches

From our Rector

The Revd. Esther Smith

Dear Friends,

In 2020 and 2021, we lived through very challenging times with Covid. Just when it looked like life had returned to normal times at the start of 2022, a very worrying situation happened eastern Europe, and with no signs of an early resolution there, further deep unrest and conflict occurred in the Israel and Palestine region towards the end of 2023. We are living through times where so much that is familiar appears to be changing or under threat and yet we have the comfort of believing in a God who is always present, even in the darkest times. It has been good to hear stories from across the Diocese of how people are living and telling the story of Jesus as they work within their communities to support one other and those in need. We can give generously in so many ways, through time, skills and money and they all make a difference in the lives of our communities. Thank you for your faithfulness in all that you are doing.

For some, money may feel like the least important thing, but for others, where income has reduced or disappeared, money may be an urgent concern. Where we have the means to do so, we could look for sensitive ways to bring blessing and relief to those who are suffering in this way.

Our churches, who rely on regular giving, have experienced similar concerns about how they meet the costs of the ministry and mission they provide and ensure that the church is secure for the future. Sadly, these and other factors have led to the impending closure of St. Vigor’s as a Worshipping Community.

You might also like to help those in need in our community and for this we have ‘The Barnabas Fund.’ This is a fund through which anyone might give a donation for the benefit and encouragement of those in need in our community.

The usual ways in which we have given financially in the past are also changing but there are alternatives that you might like to explore if you are able:-

Giving by a regular Standing Order is by far the best way to support our churches if this is possible for you. It means the church knows what its regular gifts are, and they can plan their work accordingly and be more confident about covering the costs that enable the church to function (ministry, utilities, maintenance and other projects). You can also give individual donations to our churches or The Barnabas Fund direct from your bank account, or by using a debit / credit card via our online donations pages.

Giving by cash or cheque is always appreciated. However, if you are able to change the way you give to your church to either Standing Order or Online Payments, this would have a very positive impact and reduce the stress and potentially difficult decisions that may ensue for your PCC.

More recently in December 2023, we introduced our easyfundraising page, where you can support St. John’s as you shop at no extra cost to you – please do take a look.

Every blessing,


Sunday's Services in the hall
21st January

Unfortunately, the heating at St. John’s Church, Chilcompton, has broken down and the 9:00am and 10:30am services will be held in the Church Hall. Further, this means we will be unable to deliver the 10:30am service via Zoom. You may like to join with the Church of England’s Online Service.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Thursday 2nd November

Planning to visit St. John’s Church, Chilcompton? Please note that the building will be closed to visitors on Thursday 2nd November to enable further work to the refurbishment of the chancel floor to be carried out safely. Thursday’s Holy Communion will be held the Church Hall. The church will be open again to visitors from Friday 3rd November.

We apologise for any inconvenience.