Christmas Greetings from The Lebanon

Colin and Audrey Gibson, our CMS Mission Partners

Christmas Greetings from Colin & Audrey Gibson

Thank you, once again, for your prayers and support throughout the year.  Despite the many difficulties we have all faced we give thanks to God for the Hope we have through the gift of His Son. 

Like many of you we will be ‘staying safe’ at home this Christmas, only sharing Christmas lunch with a couple of our friends from church.  Though we are looking forward to Armenian/Lebanese cuisine which will be a pleasant change!

Our family ‘visits’ will once again be via Skype though we do have some ideas to make these calls fun and festive and will include opening our presents ‘together’.  Harriet and her boyfriend Neyjair are staying at home in Portugal and Josh and his girlfriend are planning to visit her parents in N Ireland but we hope to have some time all together, along with Audrey’s sister, Margaret

18th December 2020