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Aaron Stanbury

Aaron Stanbury - CMS Mission Partner

Our new CMS Partner for 2023.


The Church Mission Society believes every Christian – and ultimately every person – is called to join in God’s mission and has the potential to bring challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world. We all have a part to play.

At St. Vigor’s and St. John’s and new for 2023, we will be supporting Aaron Stanbury. Aaron will be working in Kenya, connecting with children and helping them with basic literacy, setting them on a path for an education that will help them out of poverty.

We hope to be able to arrange for Aaron to visit us before he heads off later in the year, after a period of training in Oxford during August. You can find out more about Aaron’s mission by clicking the button below. 

How to help?

Pray: Please pray for Aaron.

Link Person: Are you being called to be our CMS Represantative, linking up with Aaron? Please speak to Esther or Steve.

Donate: Please visit Aaron’s page on the CMS website if you would like to donate to Aaron’s mission. There are also printed forms available in church. If you previously supported Audrey and Colin Gibson via Direct Debit, you can contact the Supporter Care team at CMS to update your donations: –

 – Email:
 – Telephone: 01865 787407.

Other ways to help: There are many ways you can support Aaron and the wider work of CMS. Please visit their ‘Get involved‘ page.

Thursday 2nd November

Planning to visit St. John’s Church, Chilcompton? Please note that the building will be closed to visitors on Thursday 2nd November to enable further work to the refurbishment of the chancel floor to be carried out safely. Thursday’s Holy Communion will be held the Church Hall. The church will be open again to visitors from Friday 3rd November.

We apologise for any inconvenience.