12 Ways to Worship at Home

1. Visit ‘United Breaks Out‘ and listen to some uplifting teaching and worship.

2. Spend 5 minutes praying for the well-being of the group of people listed on the Benefice Monthly Prayer List for the day.  Ask God to bless them.

3. Download a free App to your phone: ‘Pray as you Go’ is Esther’s favourite for a 15-minute, daily reflection and bible reading.

4. Listen to some worship music. If you don’t own recorded music CDs, why not download a 3-month free trial of ‘Spotify’ to your phone or laptop or search for your favourite hymns and worship songs on YouTube. Amazon Prime members can also access music if they wish. Why not sing along?

5. Tune in to BBC’s Thought for the Day (R4 around 7.50 am) or Sunday Service (R4, 8 am)

6. Read your way through Luke’s Gospel: a chapter a day will give you plenty to think about!

7. Join in with ‘A Service of Daily Prayer‘ from the Church of England.

8. Watch ‘Songs of Praise’ on BBC iplayer

9. Say the Lord’s Prayer every time you wash your hands.

10. Make a note of something you are thankful for every day.  Keep a notebook and illustrate it.  

11.  Subscribe to a daily Bible Reading guide (around £12 for a whole year). Esther has placed some back copies at the back of church for people to borrow if they would like to try one out.

12. Follow the Prayer Diaries of our Mission Partners.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful. 

 If you come up with new ways to worship whilst we are unable to meet, why not share them? Let Esther know to include them in her next bulletin? rector@stvigorstjohn.church