Covid-19 Update

Covid-19: Update from St. John’s and St. Vigor’s

St. John's
St. Vigor's

The current guidance from the government allowed for churches to reopen, effective 4th July 2020, and this was subsequently updated to the effect that face coverings are to be mandatory from 8th August. However, individual churches remain empowered to make their own decisions regarding when they will open in order to be able to provid a Covid-secure environment. With this in mind, our Bishops originally deemed that churches in of The Diocese of Bath & Wells should endeavour to open by 30th September.

St. John’s and St Vigor’s PCCs both decided unanimously that they will not open their churches, and in St. John’s case the church hall as well, until later in September, by which time it is hoped we will be in a better position to provide a Covid-secure environment for worship. This decision applies to Worship, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals and additionally to all bookings at St. John’s Church Hall.

Thank you for all of those who have been praying that we will have wisdom and courage to do what is right in each context. The PCCs are very grateful as we navigate these difficult and uncertain waters together

Please do not hestitate to Contact us if you require any further information.

2nd August 2020