Changes to our services

Covid-19: Update from St. Vigor’s and St. John’s

St. Vigor’s and St. John’s churches are now open for worship in person, with the resumption of mid-week services as well as on Sundays. St. John’s is also open for private prayer during the day.

In line with Government advice, Covid safe restrictions such as wearing a mask and social distancing will continue to apply until the Government indicates that we are safe to remove them. If you find that you would still prefer not to venture out, you can join the services from St John’s via Zoom.

Sunday Services are 9:00am at St. Vigor’s and 10:30am at St. John’s, unless otherwise advertised. Please check our Services page regularly for mid-week services and the latest updates. You can also Subscribe to get the latest information direct to your email inbox.

Please do not hestitate to Contact us if you require any further information.

6th August 2021