Messy Church – Half Term Activities

It’s Half Term!

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Some acivities to enjoy

Hello” from the Messy Church Team. Over the last few months, we have missed you all very much. It will not be long before springtime is here. With that comes Mother’s Day and Easter and hopefully some nicer weather!

We though you might like to make some ‘pasta flowers’ or ‘cotton bud trees’. Perhaps you would like to make some cards or decorate cakes and biscuits too for Birthdays, Mother’s Day or Easter! Download these and have a go:

If you are a bit fed up with staying indoors, download and print our scavenger hunt. This will be great fun to do if you want to go for a walk with your family one day.

We would love to see the wonderful things that you have made. If you got our seed pack, we would love to know who can grow the biggest Sunflower! If you are happy for us to share your photos on our website, then please send them to

If you would like to find out more, contact the Messy Church Team.

8th February 2021