Notes from Lebanon April 2020

Audrey and Colin Gibson, our CMS Mission Partners

Audrey and Colin Gibson

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds everyone at St. Vigor’s and St. John’s well. I really hope everyone is Covid-19 free. Colin and I follow the UK news online and from our family. We are sad that so many have succumbed to the disease. Still, there are some good news stories too like Capt. Tom now made Colonel!

Here in Lebanon we too have the good and the bad and we would ask for your prayers at this critical time.

For the Good – We give thanks that Lebanon has, to date, had less than 30 registered deaths from Covid-19.

We praise God, as we see Him providing in miraculous ways. After one prayer request, one WhatsApp message and one day. Rwaida a Syrian, Muslim mother of three who is expecting her fourth baby tomorrow (May 1st) has been supplied with baby clothes, a cot, and access to free milk.  She has only recently arrived in Lebanon and with the current economic crisis had nothing prepared for her baby. A lady we know from another local NGO is assisting Rwaida and hopes to be with her at the birth tomorrow. I had the privilege of sourcing the clothes and providing cot sheets.  Please thank God for his amazing provision and for the safe delivery and health of both Rwaida and her baby.

For the Bad – The fluctuation of the Lebanses Lira to the dollar is causing ever more hardship. Please pray that the government will make wise and sensible decisions and that the lira will stabilise.

Some of the protests have turned violent with protesters wrecking ATMs and banks. People are hungry and more concerned about this than the pandemic. One man in the north has died from his injuries. Please pray for peace and stability in Lebanon, against violent retaliation and that those who are suffering will find comfort.

Thankfully Colin and I remain fit and well and have enough of everything for our needs.

Thank you for praying. 

God bless


30th April 2020