Notes from Lebanon February 2021

Colin and Audrey Gibson, our CMS Mission Partners

Update from Colin & Audrey Gibson

We were pleased to have our 2021 Business Plan approved by the A Rocha Lebanon (ARL) Board at their first meeting of the year in early February. This was excellent news as we now have the green light to go ahead with the plans we have been preparing since we started last October.

We have however had plenty to keep us busy including connecting with various partners to produce some online resources in Arabic on Care of Creation, for use by churches and other groups. Meanwhile at our two nature parks, Bassem and Ibrahim, our voluntary project workers, are busy with much needed maintenance – grass cutting, tree pruning and drainage work. It is unusual to be able to work outside at this time of year, but this winter has been exceptionally mild, with December being the warmest for 140 years.

Please give thanks for answered prayer and the support and encouragement from the ARL Board for the work ahead. Please pray that we have wisdom as we seek to implement our plans, amid the pandemic, lockdowns and the generally difficult economic climate.

Recently we have had the joy of joining, via Zoom, with some of our supporting Churches – for either a mid-week meeting, a Sunday service, a simple Q&A session or a sermon. It has been good to strengthen our relationships in this more interactive way. We have greatly appreciated all the support and encouragement, while also hearing news from the churches in return. In addition, other churches have requested a copy of our short video about our work – which is now available on the CMS website

Lebanon’s vaccination programme started on Valentine’s Day.  This, plus positive signs from the current severe lockdown gives some hope for the future – which is much needed.  We have signed up for a jab and are currently waiting to be told when and where to go – though this is not likely for some months.  Meanwhile we are keeping well, taking daily walks around our apartment (exercise is allowed under the curfew rules!) and enjoying the first signs of Spring.

Colin & Audrey Gibson
Lebanon.  February 2021

17th February 2021