Notes from Lebanon June 2021

Colin and Audrey Gibson, our CMS Mission Partners

Last Sunday was a good day – we only had to queue for 45 minutes to get a few litres of petrol; we waited an hour and a half the time before! Sadly, queuing for petrol is the latest example of the spiral of decline here.

About half way in the queue. Spot the petrol station in the distance!
Vegetables between the citrus trees

Another example, but in one sense a more positive one, is that more and more people are growing their own vegetables – due to the high cost of food in the shops. Even here on the LSESD campus where we live, much work is going on to improve the existing olive and citrus groves and squeeze in rows of vegetables between the trees.

The value of the Lebanese Lira also continues to decline, though ironically, anyone with access to dollars, euros or sterling, which includes a sizeable minority of Lebanese people (and us), now find many items are cheaper than before.

While there seems no end in sight to the economic crisis, top marks to the Government for its handling of the Covid pandemic. Currently, reported cases are well down and the number of deaths each day are in single figures. We are thankful too that we will both receive our second vaccinations by the end of the month.

We are pleased to have produced a short video of our work at Mekse Nature Park. This was made for the week long A Rocha Festival Forum that took place online last week. The forum was an opportunity for all members of the A Rocha family worldwide to come together to pray, learn and share. The video was our first ever production and although ‘all our own work’, we are pleased with the final result.

A Rocha Lebanon has also gone ‘social’ with our own Facebook and Instagram accounts. Again, a bit of a learning curve for both of us but, please, do pay us a visit and feel free to comment, ‘like’ or ‘follow’ us if you wish.

Click here to find out more about Colin & Audrey’s work.

16th June 2021