Notes from Lebanon November 2021

Colin and Audrey Gibson
CMS Mission Partners

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Last month we were very pleased to have our children Harriet and Josh visit us, along with their partners. We haven’t seen them, except on screen, for more than two years. We rented an apartment in Batroun, a seaside town about an hour north of Beirut for most of their 8 day visit. We enjoyed spending time sight-seeing, having fun playing games, enjoying food together and just being ‘family’.

After a long break, I (Audrey) was pleased to re-start ‘Little Sheep’, our church’s parent and preschool group, meeting twice a month to start with. The mums and their children were so happy to be outside and safely playing and socializing again.  It seems the group has a good reputation and was sorely missed these past months. I am grateful that I have 3 able helpers and we pray this will continue to be a gentle outreach programme for the church

Last Saturday we joined people of all ages and backgrounds to run in the Beirut Marathon – well, okay, the 5km Fun Run part! We ran with some of Colin’s fellow Rotarians for Teach a Child, a non-profit organization that provides access to education for underprivileged students across Lebanon by covering all the expenses related to their education regardless of their gender, religion, location or performance. Just goes to show that Lebanon is persevering with events like this to keep hope alive

And finally….  Lebanon has a new slogan to promote tourism here in 2022, roughly translating to:
“I love you in your madness”.

Perhaps only Lebanon could promote itself this way. The longer we’re here the more, crazy it gets!  But also, the more it draws us in to the wonderful diverse tapestry of religions, cultures and landscapes. God Bless Lebanon and please bring peace and stability – and more visitors – at this time of great need.

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22nd November 2021