Update from Lebanon August 2020

Audrey and Colin Gibson,
our CMS Mission Partners

Audrey and Colin Gibson
Audrey and Colin Gibson

Dear Friends,

Many of you may have seen on the news about the massive explosion in Beirut a few hours ago. We have received many messages from folk asking if we are all right and we are grateful for your concern. We are pleased to be able to say that we are fine. We live some miles from the area and were outside when the explosion happened – it was a tremendous blast. From what we see on the local TV there is massive devastation and clearly many are killed or injured. Hospitals are overwhelmed.

We have heard from all of our CMS friends in Lebanon and they are all well too. However, we are concerned about some of our colleagues from LSESD who lived close to the explosion. We do know some of their homes have been badly damaged and we believe some may be injured. Although the cause is still not known there is much speculation and this is a tense time for many reasons.

Please pray for those who are injured, for the emergency services and for a sense of calm among the chaos.

Thank you all for your concern for us.

Every blessing

Colin & Audrey

4th August 2020